Valuations that cultivate opportunities

Our proprietary valuation model for technology companies and SaaS includes various elements. The model is based on key elements of various recognized and widely used valuation models. Our services are used by business sellers, business buyers, and by investors.

We tailor each valuation to the specific market dynamics, business characteristics, value proposition, and geography. While our model excels in valuing post-revenue companies, it is not limited to them. Our valuations start from a financial basis, which we further modulate and adapt to a fair market valuation based on comparable transactions and on scale-up potential.

We also offer a unique valuation method for a multitude of SaaS and intangible technology assets. This valuation is based on a very thorough and in-depth business assessment reviewed by professionals with decades of expertise in the business concerned.

Our valuation model and methodology applies to various industries (Proptech, Cybertech, Fintech, AdTech, Healthtech, and many more).

Consulting and Transaction Services To Empower Businesses

We help you to substantially increase the value of your business. We have the expertise and the network of professionals to scale-up your business or to increase its potential as an investment opportunity. 


We take a comprehensive approach, but we keep a close eye on every detail that matters.


Our domains of expertise:

  • Strategic IT / SaaS business consulting
  • Strategic and operational scale-up services
  • Structuring of investor schemes
  • Corporate executives remunerations and bonus plans
  • IT / SaaS due diligence and deal modelling
  • Define and negotiate strategic partnerships
  • Selection of investors and M&A services

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